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Physicians Panel

The Harris Interactive Physicians Panel is a fast, powerful way to obtain valuable insight into physician practices and opinions. We've created a panel of physicians who provide direct patient care in the United States and who have agreed to participate in online research about healthcare related issues.

In addition to primary care providers, every major medical specialty and sub-specialty is represented within the panel. The physicians work in office-based, hospital-based, hospice-based, and long-term care-based practices. Also included in the panel are physicians-in-residence and fellows.

Harris Interactive can drill down into the prescreened physician population to target physicians by practice size and setting, patient volume, and by the amount and type of medications prescribed.

Our team can help you conduct quantitative research to better understand physician practices, opinions, attitudes and experiences, including:

  • Prescribing behavior
  • Purchasing behavior
  • Brand awareness and market share
  • Concept testing
  • Ad message testing
  • Drug, medical device, and technology practice studies
  • Need-gap research
  • Tracking studies
  • Attitudes, trials, and usage studies

Our online focus groups, bulletin boards, and moderated chats can also be used for such qualitative issues as:

  • Physicians’ views toward the future of healthcare
  • Willingness to adopt new technology and practices
  • Ideas on solving product problems
  • Insight into mobilizing physicians around an issue

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