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Harris Mobile

Consumer Intelligence: Anyone. Anywhere. Any Screen.

Harris has always been a reliable business partner in reaching consumers and delivering impactful business insights. Last year, Harris introduced Research Lifestreaming®, a way to utilize social media to understand consumers’ Word of Network.

With the launch of Harris Mobile, we are now the only major consumer insights company to deliver consumer feedback via all three major mobile phone platforms. Incorporating mobile capabilities into your research methodology allows you to observe consumer behavior and monitor reactions from any location, expanding your ability to connect.


Platforms, Functionality, and Features

Harris Mobile is a HIMI (Harris Interactive Mobile Interviewing) application that allows interviewers to conduct user-friendly mobile surveys. The technology is equipped with survey push via Confirmit and data capture, new survey push notifications, device identification capabilities, and geo-location at time of survey.

That means we can deliver the same survey to consumers via mobile phone, online, or any other method, allowing you to develop multi-channel surveying methods, and analyze the data just as easily.

Harris Mobile can operate on a wide array of platforms, including devices that utilize Mobile Web, and all major smartphone handsets:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Blackberry

Basic survey design integrates seamlessly with the software using Confirmit scripting and can incorporate several different question formats as well as images as necessary.

Extensive research, trials, and testing have gone into the development of our Harris Mobile application to ensure that we provide the best possible interface to engage in an effective user experience.


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