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Harris Interactive has been tracking the opinions of our nation's thought leaders for nearly two decades through both custom and omnibus research. Our Public Affairs & Policy team has deep experience, understanding, and insight into the complex relationships between Capitol Hill, Academics, Think Tanks, NGOs, and the Media. Because these Beltway audiences have become increasingly important to many of our clients, we have created a cost effective omnibus offering to monitor the changing opinions of these critical groups in and around our nation's capital.

Harris Interactive's Beltway Influencer Omnibus is a twice-yearly survey that includes comprehensive data from four primary stakeholder groups: Government, Media, Thought Leaders and DC-area Opinion Elites.

Participating in the Beltway Influencer Omnibus is a cost effective means to:

  • Obtain and track measureable attitudes about issues and decisions facing government and those that influence and write about those decisions.
  • Assess favorability or opposition to legislative activities of importance to your organization.
  • Measure attitudes and perceptions about your organization compared to competing alternatives and ideas.
  • Assess awareness and reactions to your communications or advocacy activities from those helping to form and influence policy.

The study is conducted in the spring and fall – key points in time for budgeting, appropriations, lobbying efforts, and communications campaigns. Deliverables include detailed answers to your inquiries as well as core survey questions like: The state of the nation, prominent problems facing the U.S., and levels of cooperation on the Hill and between parties.  We also provide you with an executive summary and viewpoint on what is driving decisions among these influencers.

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