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Harris Poll ParentQuery is an online omnibus survey that offers a nationally representative sample of parents so that you can ask questions and get fast, accurate, and projectable answers from mothers and fathers of infants, toddlers, kids, tweens, and teens nationwide. You save money by participating along with other organizations in the ParentQuery omnibus, but all data gathered in response to questions that you commission is provided exclusively to you.

Get Projectable, Reliable Results

ParentQuery is fielded online each month and provides 1,000 completed interviews from U.S. parents (about 500 moms and 500 dads) of children age 0-17. This large sample size gives you more options for segmenting your data. Data are weighted to be nationally representative of the U.S. parent population.

Professional Guidance from a Knowledgeable Research Partner

You can count on advice from experts throughout Harris Interactive’s research practices, including:

  • Youth specialists who understand the subtle nuances associated with designing surveys that explore the interrelationships between parents and their children
  • Experts in a wide variety of industries, such as technology, media, consumer packaged goods, retail, and public relations
  • Survey methodologists who will ensure that results are reliable, representative, and accurate



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