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The Harris Poll Reputation Quotient® (RQ®)

Harris Interactive partners with our clients to provide deep insights on your corporation’s current reputation, fully comprehend your company’s brand promise and goals, and design effective messaging and strategies going forward.

Furthermore, we continue to measure and monitor your company’s reputation after our initial feedback and recommendations to understand how it is impacted by management strategy adjustments as well as other controlled and uncontrolled factors.

With over a decade of experience in the field, our team has consistently demonstrated the link between strong corporate reputations (i.e., perceptions) and positive supportive behaviors toward those companies, including product purchase and investment behavior. Moreover, we have identified a strong positive relationship between change in reputation and change in market capitalization.

Over the years, our team has provided corporate reputation research-based insights and actionable consulting for some of the world’s largest enterprises. Our practice has turned corporate reputation measurement—and more importantly—reputation management into a science based on one simple concept: Your stakeholders’ perception is your corporate reputation.

Our Annual RQ Assessment

The Annual RQ is an assessment tool that captures perceptions of corporate reputations across industries, among multiple audiences, and is adaptable to countries outside the United States.

RQ research evaluates stakeholder perceptions across 20 attributes that are grouped into six dimensions of reputation:

  • Products & Services 
  • Financial Performance 
  • Workplace Environment  
  • Social Responsibility 
  • Vision & Leadership 
  • Emotional Appeal

We use this powerful tool to assist you in understanding the foundation of your corporation's reputation, as well as the perceptions that are most closely associated with consumers' behavior when it comes to purchasing your company's products and stock.

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